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Miracle Road - Emily March

Miracle Road is the 7th installment of the Eternity Springs series. The story is about Lucca Romano and Hope Montgomery who have each suffered tragedies in their lives. Lucca is a collegiate basketball coach whose life went on a downward spiral when an accident cost the lives of 2 of his players and paralyzed 1. He blamed himself for the accident and suffered from survivor’s guilt. He had a breakdown and decided to leave his lucrative career and beloved family to live a life of debauchery in South America.

As for Hope Montgomery, she has been ridden with guilt due to a decision she made which precipitated in the kidnapping of her daughter. But unlike Lucca, she decided to live her life and become a teacher with the dream of finding her daughter someday.


Meanwhile, Lucca was hauled from South America by his brother Zach and sister Gabi. He had to help renovate their mother’s recently purchased B&B. He meets Hope when the dog she was sitting for gave birth in his closet and bit him on his glorious butt.


Lucca and Hope bring their individual grief into the relationship. As a couple they experienced doubt, uncertainty, healing, forgiveness and love. And at the end of their story, they find redemption and new beginnings.

We also get to see characters from previous stories. I was especially glad to read about Jack and Cat’s one year old son Johnny.

I look forward to the next story which is about Lucca and Zach’s sister Gabi and a man named Liam.

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.