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Play of Passion - Nalini Singh This was the least favorite book in the series for me. Drew was totally yummy and to die for. However, I found Indigo irritating.
Moonlight Hero - Jessica Coulter Smith The heroine was tstl.
Hunted (Guardians' League, Book 1) - Amelia Elias I can't finish reading this story. I found Diego quite yummy, while I thought Sian was annoying and abrasive and not deserving of him. I like a feisty heroine, but not one who is combative thereby putting herself as well as Diego in danger.
Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh I truly enjoyed Lucas and Sascha "darling"'s story. Great first book to the psy and changeling world. Oh and I adored the cubs Roman and Julian.
Weddings Can Be Murder - Christie Craig I really enjoyed Gotcha and was disappointed with this one. It just didn't hold my attention and I just could not finish it.
Caleb - Sarah McCarty I could not finish reading this book. While I enjoyed Caleb as well as his relationship with his brothers, Allie just came off quite annoying to me.
Shadow of the Wolf - Dana Marie Bell This was an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more of the Becketts.
When He Was Bad - Cynthia Eden, Shelly Laurenston I enjoyed Shelly's story better than Cynthia's. Niles and Irene had me laughing while working out that I think I got looks from other people in the gym.
Sun, Sand, Sex - Shelly Laurenston, Jennifer Apodaca, Linda Lael Miller Absolutely loved Shelly Laurenston's story.
The Sweet Gum Tree - Katherine Allred Beautiful and heartbreaking story of innocence, love, betrayal and redemption through forgiveness. I recommend to have tissues handy. This is a story to read if you need a good cry and feel better afterwards.
Love Bites - Lynsay Sands I really liked Etienne, but Rachel not so much.
Single White Vampire (Argeneau, #3) - Lynsay Sands I liked both Luc and Kate. I enjoyed their journey finding one another.
Line of Scrimmage - Marie Force I felt like there should be more about their story. I really liked Ryan, but I don't know about Susannah. I think like Ryan, I am doubtful whether or not she trusted him in the end. Not a bad book, but it kept me hanging.
Not Quite a Husband - Sherry Thomas I enjoyed this book. I didn't think I was going to like it due to what had happened in their marriage. But the dialogue was heart wrenching. His letters tugged at my heart.
Garrison's Creed (Titan, #2) - Cristin Harber Ten years ago Cash Garrison, hotshot sniper of the Titan Group buried his childhood sweetheart. Or so he thought….
Fast forward ten years later, while on a routine assignment. Cash was looking through the optical scope of his rifle to take a kill shot of the enemy; when he noticed a woman join his marked man and realized she looked like his dead ex-girlfriend.
And so begins the story of two lovers who were separated due to a decision the heroine had to make to save the lives of her loved ones. There was anger, blame, confusion not only from Cash, but also from Nic’s brother Roman (who is also a Titan special ops). There were funny moments between Nic’s handler and friend Beth, as well as Sugar who we will be seeing in the next book. There was sex, drama, and action. Above all the story is about a rekindling of romance between lovers who should never have been torn apart.
This series is fast becoming one of my favorites. Titan reminds me of Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooters series and Cindy Gerard’s Black Ops Series. I can’t wait to read the next books.

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.